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Wellness update for 2021

Each year PDT puts a strong emphasis on the importance of our teams’ health and wellbeing and 2021 is no different, if anything, it’s going to be bigger and better.

Our Wellness Committee has expanded, welcoming new members and with them, fresh ideas that not only align with our key philosophies of mental resilience, social support and physical encouragement but also positively challenge the way we, as a studio, move forward in these unprecedented times.

Without giving too much away, we can confirm the Wellness Committee have a doozey of an event calendar planned this year including some of the annual favourites; the bake off, pyjama day, in-house massages and the Bridge to Brisbane team fun run, along with some surprise events to keep our team on their toes!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a gratifying year ahead without our monthly charity events that we proudly hold in support of various causes. Last year PDT raised over $1500 for multiple charities and this year we have selected a diverse group of organisations to generously donate to and do our bit to support those in need.

Stay tuned for updates to come throughout the year…



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