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Virgin Australia

Brisbane Airport Corporation have reclaimed space back at the Brisbane Domestic Airport, previously leased to Virgin Australia, with the requirement to reconsolidate, fit-out and refurbish new and existing leased areas.

PDT Architects were engaged to create a design concept and documentation for key sites including the existing Virgin spaces, 2G-48 and 2H-01, 1R-40 Satellite Perimeter, 1J-40 and the newly leased 1R-40 Satellite Infill – requiring both base build and fit-out works including amenities facilities. The design team were required to thoroughly understand the operational parameters of Virgin Australia’s business. As they were reducing the overall footprint at Brisbane Airport, the team had to challenge the notion in which they work and their requirements.

The project delivery methodology was a two-step process, centred on performing base-build works and the subsequent Virgin Australia internal fit-out. The existing and proposed spaces are a live working environment and were required to be operational during construction. Project works were either staged or through a decanting/temporary staging, allowing the transition of teams to be relocated to their end location.


Virgin Australia

Brisbane Airport, QLD





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