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Narangba Depot

Approached by Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC), the Narangba Depot Precinct includes the design of a new depot to accommodate approximately 300 council staff. The precinct includes a new three-storey office building, a warehouse, store, workshop with space for 10 vehicle bays, wash bay with four wash bays and two vacuum bays, a fuel station, a pump house and services building.

The architectural approach to ensure optimal performance was to review orientation opportunity, to mitigate unnecessary heat gain and glare into office spaces, in particular and further to the workshop, store and warehouse to improve internal environment and working conditions for all staff across the Depot.

The materials selection both internally and externally is intended to mimic an industrial palette from a cost and practicality standpoint. The palette was harnessed in a way that achieves a subtle yet striking outcome to align with the material selection of surrounding industrial built forms (Workshop / Warehouse / Stores) as a holistic precinct.


Moreton Bay Regional Council

Narangba, QLD





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