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Tricare Stafford Heights

PDT Architects were engaged to design a new high-end facility at TriCare Stafford Heights, that links the adjacent aged care facility and connects to the sites existing roadway network.

The architectural and interior design palette were influenced by the natural features of the site, including the landscaped waterway and the lake. The use of synthetic timber help to reinforce the natural setting and use of stone responds to the sites original use as a quarry. With the use of full height glazing and skylights, natural light is allowed to penetrate the building at every opportunity, assisting with energy efficiency and ensuring the wellbeing of residents and staff.

The new building includes 73 bedrooms, entrance lobby, three dining areas with food servery provisions, three living areas, six sitting areas with breakout balconies, activities room and staff facilities. These spaces have been designed to replicate residential character, simulating homely environments and providing familiarity to the residents.



Stafford Heights, Queensland





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