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2021 Sleepout for Homelessness

This month PDT joined organisers, Archipelago and many other QLD Architectural firms in the 10th annual charity event ‘Sleepout for Homelessness’ to support women and children at risk of homelessness. The funds we raised from the event will flow directly to Second Chance Programme, a volunteer run charity that supports a wide range of programs and shelters across the state.

Whilst there is much fanfare in the media about government support, the reality on the ground is quite different. It is often the smaller things that can make a huge difference, things like rental top ups, food vouchers, support for young families, and even removalists to retrieve possessions from the home of abusive partners. Our aim is to support organisations like Second Chance who help women and children find a better place and allow everyone to become safer, stronger, confident, and more resilient versions of themselves; because everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

A few brave PDT staff spent a night away from their comfy beds in a bid to draw attention to the broad spectrum of homelessness and to find ways to prevent rooflessness by enabling tenure and personal security.

Collectively, all firms have proudly raised close to $63,000 so far which will be a massive support to those providing essential services. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants, organisers, supporters, and well-wishers who have helped us achieve our goal. Without the generosity of our local institutions and profession this would not be possible.

Further information:

Please contact Brooke Proctor



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