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All Aboard: Auchenflower and Cannon Hill Stations are nearing completion

From humble beginnings in 2018, two of our station upgrade projects are now at or nearing completion. Cannon Hill was officially opened in April 2022, with Auchenflower currently scheduled for completion in early 2023. PDT were initially engaged by Queensland Rail to develop the reference designs for the two stations before being engaged by John Holland for the duration of the construction phase.

The focus of Queensland Rail’s Station Accessibility Upgrade Program is on upgrading stations and facilities to be accessible by all, irrespective of their ability. The two projects involve significant new infrastructure including pedestrian footbridges, stairs and lifts to platforms and upgraded entries to the public footpath network.

Perspective view by PDT Architects - Cannon Hill Station

Cannon Hill Station uniquely had to consider the existing freight line and the Queensland Rail-heritage on-platform station building, which represents an example of turn of the century timber framed station construction. The scope of works to Cannon Hill included upgrades to the existing carparking arrangement, a new bike enclosure for public use and a new lift-accessible footbridge. Core-zone raising of the existing low level platforms was also delivered for easier access onto trains.

Cannon Hill Station

Of the two, Auchenflower Station offered significantly greater complexity and as such, demanded substantial infrastructure solutions to arrive at a successful outcome. As the site is situated in a valley between two existing roadways and private properties, it was important to improve the connection to the Wesley hospital, which was to be maintained and enhanced through the project.

The project was a logistical challenge from inception, with the resultant design solution involving two separate pedestrian footbridges spanning over top of the station with a suspended ‘pedestrian link’ walkway connecting the two. Lift and stair connections serve to connect the footbridges to the platforms and the new and upgraded entries. The design also delivered a new station office and unisex accessible public toilet within the raised walkway, as well as a new secure bike enclosure and improvements to the existing carpark.

Perspective view by PDT Architects - Auchenflower Station

With Cannon Hill delivered earlier this year, and Auchenflower reaching completion shortly, the accessibility and amenity outcomes for the community are beginning to become apparent – PDT are proud to have been involved in the design of these stations, as well as our continuing relationship with Queensland Rail to increase the public safety and accessibility of the metropolitan rail network.

Crane lifting foot bridge into place - Auchenflower Station

For further information contact Connor Howes or Oliver Thessman



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