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Energex Warehouse Depot at Stafford now complete

Recently Completed in June 2020, the Energex Warehouse Depot at Stafford, comprising of a new Warehouse, two -storey Office Building, Hardstand with Parking and Truck wash facility.

Working with an excellent consultant team consisting of Ranbury Management Group, Bellas & Reitano Engineers, WSP Engineers, Certis, Arcadia Landscape Architecture and built by Alder Constructions, the project was a successful collaborative effort resulting into a great building outcome for Energex and Energy Queensland.

The new depot office consists of 1700m² of Office space, including 2 new communal kitchen areas, indoor lunch and dining breakout areas, an alfresco balcony area, amenities with lockers for all staff members, meeting, conference and quiet rooms, as well as 70 new workstations, breakout spaces for hotdesking and collaborative group meetings. The other portion of the depot consists of a grand hardstand with truck parking and wash facilities, staff parking, bicycle parking facilities and a 1800m² Warehouse.

PDT worked in collaboration with the Energy Queensland project delivery department to determine the overall look, layout of the interior and in keeping with the brand and design guidelines., whilst adding some new fresh touches to the spaces.

PDT is proud to have delivered a successful facility and building for Energy Queensland, an organisation that delivers electricity distribution, energy, networks and services teams owned by the state of Queensland.

PDT is also proud to have designed the new Energex Greenslopes Depot, which comprises of a 3 storey Office building, existing warehouse upgrade, truck wash and parking facility. With the same design team, project management and Building team on the project we are looking forward to the same successful outcomes.

Further information:

Please contact Daniel Zullo

Image credit - supplied by: Alder Constructions / Photographer: Rezolution Photography



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