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Guess who is turning 85!

Just like that PDT Architects turns 85 Years young.

In celebration of our milestone, we take a stroll down memory lane on how it all started and where we are today.

Lange L. Powell first started to practice as an architect back in 1909. During the next three decades he worked throughout Queensland in sectors including residential, commercial, retail, industrial, hospital and ecclesiastical. When Powell passed away on the 29th of October 1938, Robin Dods, 25 years old at the time and Stewart Thorpe, 27 years old were two of his employees and they arranged to purchase the design studio from Mrs Powell forming Powell, Dods and Thorpe. Known today as PDT Architects.

1938 was a tough period for the design practice, although the studio was sustained and remained open during the war years, it was not until 1946 the studio started to rebuild and re-establish itself.

85 years on, it is safe to say PDT Architects have gone through its share of trials and tribulations, weathering many different storms in the social and economic climate, including a pandemic. Our resilience lies in our business continuously diversifying, remaining agile and relevant. We continue to bring on new talent, whilst fostering existing talent and the wealth of knowledge and experience we have across our design studio. Maintaining the right culture remains at the core of our business. We strongly believe that the right culture produces incredible talent, which in turn provides our clients with exceptional outcomes and quality personal service.

In the 85 years, the design studio has had five main generations of Directors:

Robin Dods and Stewart Thorpe

Fred Winter, Graham Hobbs, and John Blake

Ken Alexander, David Matthews, Mac Stirling, Michael Strazds, Tim Noble and John Brown

Susan Playford, Laurence Taylor, Tony Farmer, and Ian Downing

Miranda Sheehan, Annie Yang and Oliver Thessman

Under their leadership the design studio has continually grown and gained valuable expertise in various industry sectors now including; Commercial/Workplace, Community, Education, Emergency Services, Health, Industrial, Residential, Retail, Seniors Living, Sports and Recreation and Transport and Infrastructure.

Our team, past and present, that have worked across our studios in Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney and New Zealand have all contributed to the ongoing success and legacy of PDT Architects.

We take this opportunity to thank all our business partners and team (past and present) that have supported PDT Architects. We are excited to continue this journey in contributing positively towards the architectural landscape of Queensland and across the country.

Make sure to keep an eye out for outtakes of our annual Christmas Skit, where this year we will coax unsuspecting newcomers to our team to either dance or read lines that have a faint correlation to a storyline. Stay tuned on our socials.



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