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Our new Board of Directors

As our team celebrates its 85th year in business, we have welcomed a new board of directors, that promises to bring a new approach to the studio. The three board members, who have been working together for the last 16 years, bring with them a collective 60 years of experience at PDT Architects.

Annie Yang, Miranda Sheehan and Oliver Thessman have worked together and grown together over the last couple of decades, they know each other's skillsets and have worked hard to create a culture that is collaborative, transparent and engaging for all team members.

"We have a keen understanding of the industry in which we operate. We are business savvy and understand the challenges and opportunities that come with running a successful design studio. We have great respect for our brand which is now 85 years old, we value the relationships we have built over the years and are committed to building on that legacy.”

With their vast experience and their commitment to excellence, they are settling into their roles, and promising to bring a fresh perspective to design and creativity through the latest technologies and innovations in the industry.

They are optimistic about the future of the Design Studio and are confident that they will be able to help the company meet its goals in the coming years. They are determined to help the Design Studio grow to be one of the most respected brands in the industry.

We wish them every success as PDT enters this new era!

Meet our Directors

PDT Architects 16 years | Partner 10 years | Head of Interior Design 8 years | Director 1 year

Annie started her career in retail and exhibition design before joining PDT in 2007 as an Interior Designer. During her time at PDT, Annie has worked on a large cross section of projects in different sectors giving her invaluable experience in both design and delivery. Annie has been a partner since 2013 heading our Interior Design Department, and in 2022 became a Director. Annie’s outgoing determined nature and desire for excellence has seen her deliver a number of award-winning projects across multiple sectors, but more importantly she has developed long-term working partnerships with her clients. Annie enjoys fostering a team environment that enables everyone to thrive in their roles and gains fulfillment seeing her team succeed and reach their full potential. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Annie has never quite lost her connection to the ocean and tries to escape to the beach at every given chance.

PDT Architects 17 years | Partner 1 year | Head of Architecture 4 years | Director 6 months

After growing up in both New Zealand and Dubai, Oliver then moved to Brisbane where he pursued Architecture at UQ and joined the PDT team as a Student in 2005. He has since gained extensive experience as a Project Architect over a number of sectors including commercial, healthcare, retail, residential and specialising in transport and infrastructure projects. In 2022 Ollie became a Director while continuing as Head of Architecture. Ollie has a strong work ethic and a proven ability to deal with complex design issues, while providing an approachable platform that allows him to drive large design and consultant teams to align with project targets and achieve successful project outcomes for both client and the end user. Ollie is always positive in his interactions with others, he has genuine concern for people’s well-being and an infectious enthusiasm for his work and his family.

PDT Architects 26 years | Partner 16 years | Director 7 years

Miranda is a Director who focuses on the operations of PDT. Her role is incredibly diverse but her focus always comes back to giving the team what they need to keep them confident and capable in their roles so they can produce amazing outcomes for their clients. Miranda began at PDT as a first year Architecture student in 1997, made Partner in 2007 and became a Director in 2016. Miranda is proud of her journey at PDT. She had a vision of what she wanted to carry out for the team and has worked extremely hard to make each transition in her role to make things happen.

In terms of her career there are a few standouts. She successfully managed the roll-out of 350 Prep Schools across SEQ over a 2-year period and her role as Project Leader on the $100M upgrade to the Gold Coast Airport solidified her approach to her clients and team members alike. The implementation of PDT.Red is also a highlight for Miranda as it brought in a whole new client base for our wider team. As part of the Property Leaders Brisbane Committee, she has also been thankful to give back to the industry.

While she used to be a dance teacher and choreographer in her spare time, she now happily dedicates that time to her three very busy boys and loves being involved in both their music and football activities.



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