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Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia consolidated some of their aging Brisbane Airport facilities into two modern and contemporary sites. These two separate sites required both base build infrastructure upgrades along with fit-out works. The works were staged enabling the ‘unlocking’ of occupied areas to allow teams to be relocated without interrupting the operation within a live airport environment.
Working through the operational parameters with Virgin Australia, PDT provided a responsive design that provided a more efficient work environment.  
The refurbishment was broken into two sites. Site one housed ground and cabin crew whilst the second site housed the engineers and baggage handlers. In order to boost productivity and create a warm, relaxing and welcoming environment for staff, Virgin Australia required generous break out areas to be designed into both sites. The areas were further aided with the introduction of greenery throughout which will also help improve indoor air quality.
Simple, cost-effective initiatives, such as different ceiling grid colours and treatments help provide relief while defining different work zones.
We are extremely proud to have worked in partnership with Virgin Australia to deliver this project.


Virgin Australia

Brisbane Airport, QLD





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