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A new approach to Customer Service Centres for TMR

In 2022, PDT were approached by The Department of Transport and Main roads (TMR) to redefine their approach to Customer Service Centres (CSC). The first site to trial this new approach was TMR Bundamba, west of Brisbane. Through pushing design boundaries and challenging perceptions, we have created a new standard for their future CSC’s.

Our response was to create a light and bright space, with an open plan layout where customers could enter and enjoy their experience. The colour palette is calm with natural and emotionally responsive tones that instantly make customers feel welcome in the centre, encouraging connectivity and interaction between staff and customers and setting the tone for the level of service they will experience. This project has set a benchmark for maximising natural light, which will be a key design consideration for all future TMR Customer Service Centres.

TMR wanted to create a space that offered the ultimate level of inclusive access to cater for a diverse range of customers and address the different needs of those that visit the centre. This was addressed by having three different customer service counter heights and a concierge desk located at the entry to operate as a single point of contact upon entry. The layout of the CSC counters required full visibility of not only the customers in the waiting area but also positioned in a manner that allowed for full DDA circulation and access to the photo screens that are connected to two of the customer service counters. Hearing and visually impaired cues were also incorporated as part of the design to ensure that every customer felt like they mattered.

The new CSC opened in late 2022, and because of the success of Bundamba, the core concept and approach will be rolled out to various TMR centres, adapting design elements as necessary to suit other locations.

Find out more about this project here, or contact Laura James

Photography by Katie at Embellysh



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