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Station upgrades with Queensland Rail

In a world of rapidly improving ‘tech’ efficiency and environmental awareness, we can often find ourselves playing a small role (although sometimes indirectly) in driving for improved sustainability through our projects.

In the case of Rail, we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on a number of recent completed (Graceville & Dinmore Stations) and ongoing Queensland Rail Station Accessibility Upgrades Projects and Feasibility studies where the focus is on improving existing stations to enhance accessibility and amenity to the commuter to further encourage the use of a sustainable transport method.

PDT architects are also working in collaboration with Queensland Rail in the upgrade of both Cannon Hill and Auchenflower Stations to improve accessibility. The station upgrades for both stations are designed to ensure all customers can access train platforms via paths and lifts without the need to use stairs. Cannon Hill has already commenced the early stages of site works and works will commence at the Auchenflower Station in the coming months.

Features of the upgrade to improve accessibility include:

  • New pedestrian footbridge with lift and stair access

  • Raised section of the platforms at the assisted boarding points

  • Upgraded hearing augmentation loop and tactile platform surfaces

  • Upgraded security cameras and lighting at assisted boarding points

  • New wayfinding and platform signage at assisted boarding points

  • A new bicycle enclosure to support active transport.

In addition to the typical commuter stations, we have been involved in the ongoing upgrade works to Central Station, which is an extremely complex and interesting project, currently focused on the replacement of the key vertical transport elements at the stations precinct, including new lifts, escalators as well as the main platforms upgrade works which will introduce improved access and new finishes to reinvigorate Central Station as we know it.

Further information:

Please contact Oliver Thessman or Tim O'Donnell

Photo credit (Graceville Station): Alisha Musil Rendered perspective (Cannon Hill): PDT Architects



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