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Ian announces his retirement

The time has come to announce a change to my career path. It is not unlike a detour in the road to a new and exciting direction.

After nearly 40 years at PDT and close to 20 years as a Director, my mind has told me to go and smell the flowers or perhaps something that is a bit more interesting. Yes, I am announcing my Retirement as a Director of PDT on the 30 June 2021.

I confirm that I have reached the eligible age to qualify for this position.

I have seen a lot of changes since commencing in 1982 as a graduate from QIT (no it is not an error, it was QIT). PDT has offered me such diversity during my career that I had no need to consider anywhere else. The diversity of projects that I have had the pleasure of completing during my time here range from Shopping Centres, Stadium Hospitals, Train Stations, Commercial and Industrial and Schools to name a few. This allowed me to meet a wide variety of Clients, Consultants and Contractors and have memorable times. A lot of these people have become long-time friends. This is the nature of this industry that I admire. You never know who you will meet on the next project.

I have also seen how technology has developed in the office and the industry from the humble drawing board, tee square and rotring pens and plotters when I started to this computer digital age.

My main issue in those days was not to scratch a hole in my drawing when you made a mistake. A re-draw was not as easy as cut and paste. Letters in the post was the email of the day (actually week). Computers have made everything easier, or so it seems. However, for those who were self-taught on these machines, there are daily struggles making it do what you want as my staff will testify.

Despite these changes, the outcome is still the same, deliver quality architecture on every project on time and on budget to ensure a happy Client. PDT has always maintained this philosophy through its leaders. I am the 4th generation Director and I know that the team is only getting better moving forward. I have no doubt I leave knowing the future is secure for PDT.




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