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Meet our in-house Heritage Architect

While it is human instinct to look to the future, attention should also be given to the preservation of historic places of importance as they can help connect communities to their cultural and aesthetic history, which in turn, can also inform their future. We consider it a privilege to work on projects that have full or partial heritage implications and given our practices 85-year history, some of our own projects are embedded in Brisbane’s diverse past.

Tim O’Donnell, an Associate and Senior Architect at PDT Architects, has 30+ years experience, during which he has developed a passion for heritage architecture. He leads our specialised heritage team and is able to provide expert advice and design services surrounding the complexities of heritage listed buildings and firmly believes that the preservation and restoration of significant buildings plays an important cultural role within our community.

This passion all began in 1982 when he developed an interest in building history and research during his architectural education at the University of Queensland. He completed his thesis on the architectural history of the Queensland House in regional Queensland and how architects contributed to the development of their design. It was also during his education that he assisted his lecturer, Don Watson, in architectural research which contributed to his comprehensive publication, Queensland Architects of the 19th Century.

Tim further developed his knowledge in building conservation while working as a graduate architect in London for three years during the end of the 1980’s. Heritage legislation was already entrenched in the British building industry at that time, and Tim had the opportunity to work on a large variety of heritage buildings and conservation projects.

On his return to Brisbane Tim joined PDT Architects which was also fortuitously timed to coincide with the introduction of the State Heritage Register in Queensland as part of the implementation of the Qld Heritage Act, and also completed a Cultural Heritage Management Certified course at the Australian National University in Canberra in 1994.

Tim has provided heritage services for all of PDT Architects heritage projects over the past 30 years which have included a large range of project types, most of which are for State Heritage Listed buildings. His experience means that he has the capacity and knowledge to provide a complete and thorough architectural heritage service for heritage conservation projects.

Tim has been working across a broad range of heritage projects during the previous year including;

  • St Paul’s Presbyterian Church Tower Restoration, Spring Hill (State Listed)

  • The Brisbane Arcade, Brisbane City (State Listed)

  • Shorncliffe, Cannon Hill, Bundamba and Burpengary Railway Stations (QR & Local Authority Listed)

  • Queensland Parliament House (State Listed)

  • Old Government House, QUT Gardens Point (State Listed)

  • Gona Barracks, QUT Kelvin Grove (State Listed)

  • A Block, QUT Kelvin Grove (Local Authority Listed)

  • Queensland Performing Arts Centre (State Listed)

  • 283 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane City (State Listed)

  • 109 Edward Street, Brisbane City (State Listed)

  • Windermere House, Ascot (State Listed)

If you would like to know more, or require advice for a project with heritage implications we would love to hear from you. Contact Tim O'Donnell



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