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The March Charge

Running is one of my hobbies and a means to keep myself fit and healthy, I run at various events around Australia in either 10km, half marathons and last year for the first time a full marathon in Canberra and my second will be the Gold Coast in July.

At times we are affected by things outside of our control, this happened to me in late 2019 with the news that my sister had been diagnosed with liver and pancreatic cancer, she passed in early 2020 and due to covid I was unable to be with her or attend her funeral in Italy.

This was the inspiration to run the “March Charge” for the Cancer Council, I set the target of running 300 km during the month and raising funds to support the Cancer Council which is the only organisation that works across the entire cancer journey. Their vision is to minimise the threat of cancer for all Australians, through successful prevention, best treatment, and support.

This challenge has involved many early mornings and lunchtime runs in sometimes crazy weather, this was tempered by the thoughts that what I am going through would only be a fraction of what cancer patients go through, my wife is an Oncology nurse and I understand the treatments and the highs and lows that patients endure on their journey to remission.

March is at an end, and I have completed a total of 302 km of running, equitable to seven marathons, thanks to generous work colleagues, family, and friends I have raised $800 which will go a small way to assist those in need.

The March charge involved 8,395 Australians of which my 302 km placed me 157th in distance completed over the month, I hope this challenge inspires other to participate in the “March Charge” next year.

By Laurence Taylor, PDT Director



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