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Moura Hospital

The Moura Hospital is a modular hospital building that was a new concept for both the builder and architect involved. With many non-standard processes including the installation of the building’s hygienic finishes, specialist health fittings, equipment and joinery provisions (incl. most of mechanical, electrical, data, medical gas, specialty services) and infrastructure being installed during the manufacturing process, with only final assembly and connections on site.

PDT Architects reviewed and adapted the original architects schematic design, identifying operational changes and refined the brief and room data sheets. PDT further co-ordinated the design to suit modular construction methodology requirements, structural and services infrastructure provisions and site-specific requirements.

The final solution provides a low-cost hospital building and minimised site disruption during construction. The design also offers consideration of future use with expansion through introduction of additional modular buildings and the possibility to be dismantled or relocated if required.


Queensland Health

Moura, QLD





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