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A farewell from Susan

No one likes having to say goodbye. I find it particularly difficult, and something to be avoided wherever possible. There is no getting around this one though. After 25 years of being part of this amazing practice, I have decided that it is time to re-focus my attention to other areas of my life, to be with and support my family, to volunteer. I am giving myself the gift of time. I have been blessed to work with talented, clever, and supportive individuals that have always made this more of an adventure than a “job”. While every person in this practice makes this place special, I would especially like to acknowledge my loyal and supportive co-directors, and those co-workers who have been on this journey with me for so many years. Teamwork has always been the basis of our practice and your friendship has been and will always remain invaluable. So goodbye…. well yes and no. Like so many in management who look for flexibility I will step into the background of PDT in a part time consulting role. I am intensely grateful that this is not a final farewell, and my relationship with so many of you will continue. I wish everyone at PDT the very best for your bright future ahead. The practice is in safe, confident hands and I know it will continue to evolve and provide a welcoming and exciting workplace far into the future.


Thank you Susan, for all your years of dedication to PDT Architects...

We recently celebrated with Susan, sharing some delicious food and a few drinks all together as a team. It was a wonderful afternoon and we thought we would share a few memories from the day.... enjoy!



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