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QUT Depot

In August 2020 QUT invited PDT for discussions around their new retail revitalisation project with the intent of seeing its completion by 2021 Semester 1 ‘O-Week’.

From inception to practical completion, our project team successfully designed, documented and delivered a dynamic operating space within a six-month timeframe.

A safe, flexible and healthy environment were key factors at the forefront of this new design to encourage staff, students and the general public to thrive in a changing and rapidly evolving world. Through the use of raw textures and a fresh palette, PDT created a design language that reinvigorated the existing fitout, playing to the strengths of the original space. As a result, QUT Depot provides a high-quality student and staff experience that contributes to the wider Campus activation strategy.

The refurbished space, formerly known as the QUT Bookshop, now consists of multiple offerings ranging from the original book supplies, with the inclusion of healthy café food and beverages, convenient supplies, bottled drinks and snacks, plus more general merchandising, apparel and giftware selections.

Further information:

Please contact Annie Yang

Photography by Ben Blanche



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